I am excited to announce the launch of my new fragrance, Murmuration, which is added to the 1245 collection. I invite you to discover it ♥ before everyone else ...

Guided by the desire to poetically express the notions of escape, union, freedom and renewal, I composed an aerial scent with green and flowery facets.

embodies a breeze of lightness and daring, crystallized by beautiful sunny days. The composition is adorned with a fruity green accord, enhanced by notes of honeysuckle and white flowers, exhaling an elegant sillage.


Discover this novelty before everyone else!
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I invite you to watch the inspiration for Murmuration {48 sec} by clicking on the video.

"A murmuration is the fascinating flight choreography performed by hundreds of thousands of birds flying in unison. Bird whispers are one of the most dazzling collective manifestations in the natural world. This visual metaphor inspired me with an olfactory poetry that symbolizes both the strength of a community and the beauty of flight. The Murmuration fragrance infuses joy, like a wind of renewal. ” 
Alexandra Bachand, artist perfumer & founder of the House.

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