Our values


Here, time stands still in order to leave full creative freedom to the artist perfumer, who composes in an inspired way, in the slowness of the workshop.

Parfum naturel fait au Québec



The writing of a perfume is a form of art that requires the time necessary to draw its authenticity.

From the most beautiful intentions, the most beautiful creations are born.

What is handmade has the greatest value.

Enthusiasm, spontaneity, passion and rigor harmonize perfectly.

If perfume brings happiness...imagine what it's like for us to create it!

  • a niche artistic perfume house focused on the art of perfume
  • a respect for the environment in our recyclable and compostable packaging.
  • three sizes of returnable bottles, which you can return to us on site.
  • the perfume composed without color additives and vegan.
  • high-quality ingredients, always emphasizing the use of natural materials if they are renewable.
  • a respect for the planet, by refusing the use of natural raw materials from fragile and endangered environments. 
  • compositions made of local grain alcohol 100% pure.
  • a unisex collection entirely created and manufactured on site in a bucolic place from chemin des Pères to Magog in Quebec, Canada.
  • a personalized experience of discovery of the collection at the Garden of scents with the founders
  • Here, thanks to you, the perfume sows sparks of happiness!