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A sweet scented hello from La Grange...
This summer, the Jardin de Senteurs adjacent to the workshop experienced tender and moving moments in your presence. Perfume brought friends and families together and inspired great stories during our Scented Festival, when we officially opened the door to the public. Magical moments infused with gratitude! Since then, in anticipation of winter, I have pampered the garden with care. The less rustic rose garden and the new plant area near the small pond, require a special attention because they are exposed to the high winds from the meadow. Maybe like me, you apprehend this time of the year, with a dose of nostalgia? This is a key period to warm up the heart, caused by the decrease in sunshine. The month of November is brighter when you find little tricks to renew your energy. For me, perfume is one of the well-being rituals that allows me to feel sparks of comfort. Without having to completely change perfumes each season (which is a popular belief), why not personalize your sillage...

It is true that our way of life is often modulated by the seasons, having an influence on the family of perfumes that we may choose to wear. A citrusy, tonic and sunny fragrance, based on citrus essences is certainly a reminder of the beautiful summer days, but also has the quality of uplifting and sublimating our state of mind on darker days. Sometimes it's just a matter of perception and preference.
It then becomes interesting to simply enhance your favorite perfume with additional notes.... Many of us are familiar with the layering of perfumes. This consists of pairing on the skin, two fragrances that will create a whole new mood. If, for example, we are currently wearing the «Valse bleue», a fragrance light as the wind, it would be possible during this season to pair it with a second composition. This will add an amber, woody or even floral facet to your perfume, depending on the chosen fragrance. “La note jazz”, or even “Ecorce verte”, could be a nice addition to explore.

To learn more about layering scents, I've prepared this page online, with ideas that may inspire you. To discover all these secrets, click below and listen to your sense of smell, it will guide you to your preferences! If you wish to go deeper into this subject, I will be extremely happy to read and answer any questions or comment you may have.


Alexandra ♄

Discover the layering of perfumes


Discovery box

For yourself or as a gift, this scented box will please! It contains all the perfumes of the Artisan collection in sample format.


“Sometimes we find an old bottle who remembers, from which springs all life a returning soul.»
— Charles Baudelaire



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Here, the art of perfume is an invisible poetry that inspires well-being and sublimates sweet moments.đŸŒ±

— Alexandra Bachand, artist perfumer creator and co-founder of La Grange du Parfumeur, Fine Fragrance House.