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Alexandra Bachand, in-house Perfumer

Alexandra Bachand

Alexandra Bachand is a Quebec perfumer and an artist in olfactory art. In 2015, she co-founded La Grange du Parfumeur, a signature perfume house. Graduated in natural perfumery in Europe, she also studied with independent perfumers. 
The arts are the foundation of her creative process. Following her studies in Fine Arts at Bishops University in Lennoxvile, she exhibited her work for 10 years as a painter in art galleries. At the same time, she became a graphic designer and artistic director and founded her own creative studio in Montreal, which was chosen to successfully carry out many projects in Montreal's artistic and cultural milieu. 
In 2010, she embarked on the most ambitious project of her life: the creation of a signature Quebec fragrance house, open to the public. Over the years, perfume has become her medium of creation and it is in Europe that she learns the profession in the rules of the art.
In search of a unique and authentic place she chose a century-old barn nestled in the heart of an inspiring nature of the Eastern Townships between lakes and mountains to become the jewel of the perfume house. Open to the public in 2017, the place marries authentically the arts, the terroir (fragrant garden) and history and quickly becomes a reference (Omer Award, media coverage).
Visitors will discover the art of perfumery, the perfumer’s organ of composition and the poetic universe of the work of Alexandra Bachand who radiates internationally. The perfumes of her "classic" collection make their debut at the International Archive of Perfumes in Versailles and the art exhibition "Fleurs d'armes / War Flowers" presented in 6 museum institutions in Canada and abroad was seen by hundreds of thousands of visitors so far. 
In 2019 in Amsterdam, she shares her approach through the art of perfume based on historical research during a speech at the Scent Summit. The same year, she made a major project in Italy: the olfactory art installation of Sfumato Invisibile on the trail of Lisa Gherardini confirming the perfume as a major art medium. Sfumato Invisibile's approach was the subject of a short documentary that will be presented at the International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA) in 2020. 


Far from the beaten path and inspired by her region, Alexandra prone a perfumery focused on the full freedom of creation of the perfumer to favor a writing leaving room for slowness and authenticity. She is fully dedicated to perfecting this unique know-how by adding enthusiasm and creativity from here.

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