The perfumer

Alexandra Bachand is a Canadian perfumer and an artist in olfactory art. She is the nose-composer of La Grange du Parfumeur, which she co-founded with Eric Delbaere, her husband. She composes and handcrafts perfume in this haven of escape, between lakes and mountains. The duet share their commitment to the art of perfumery by opening the doors of their perfume house to the public.
We discover through a unique guided tour, the universe of the perfumer-creator (the organ of composition, the writing office and the lab).

Graduate of Fine Arts at Bishop's University, painter and artistic director in her beginnings, Alexandra is now a graduate of the Perfumery Art School in England (UK), with the perfumer Isabelle Gellé. She is also a pupil of Nicolas De Barry, feudal lord and French master perfumer, pioneer of natural perfumery.

Her creative process also leads her to participate in art exhibitions as an artist in olfactory art.

Far from the beaten track and inspired by their region, Alexandra and Eric are dedicated to perfecting a unique know-how by adding the spontaneity, the enthusiasm and the creativity from here.

#WeWantToKnow: Alexandra Bachand Article by Lesley Metcalfe

"I want… to give happiness and empowerment through our perfumes. I find that scents are a powerful medium and bring so much joy and energy in a daily ritual. I love when someone opens his wings by finding the right scent for them."