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Artiste parfumeur

Right image (c) 2021. La Fabrique Culturelle video clip on Télé-Québec : Sculpter l'invisible: Alexandra Bachand, artiste parfumeur

"Through the white windows of the workshop-boutique, there is a formula book, a composition organ, a gray stone angel, a geranium stretching towards the sun, and a few dabs that a pretty cursive writing has taken care to name. There, bottles in rows and pipettes in bouquets; in a corner, a pale hydrangea head waits patiently for its round petals to dry next to oblong boxes signed Alexandra Bachand. "Everything begins with a dream.»
-Isabelle Naessens, Henkel Media Editor

The little story

It all begins in 2010. Alexandra Bachand leaves Montreal with her husband and their family. She returns to her roots. Visual and graphic artist, she is inspired by the countryside, flower gardens and especially smells. It is the crossroads to unfold a great dream. She embarks on the most ambitious professional project of her life: the creation of an independent perfume house in Quebec, whose workshop is open to the public. Over the years, she trained in the know-how of fine perfumery and perfume became her medium of artistic creation. It is in Europe that she learns the trade, in the tradition and according to the rules of the art.
In search of a unique and authentic location, she chose a century-old barn nestled in the heart of the inspiring Eastern Townships between lakes and mountains to become the setting for her perfume house.
In 2015, Alexandra founded La Grange du Parfumeur, allowing her to start up olfactory art exhibition projects in her creative studio and personal lab. Her husband, Eric Delbaere, joined the House in 2017.
The arts are the foundation of her creative process, having studied Fine Arts as well as Graphic Design.

Olfactory art projects that mark her path

From 2017 to 2021, the art exhibition "Fleurs d'armes / War Flowers" in which she exhibits 10 scented narratives, has been presented in 7 museum institutions in Canada and abroad has been seen by hundreds of thousands of visitors to date.

In 2019, she made a major project in Italy: the olfactory art installation of Sfumato Invisibile on the trail of Lisa Gherardini confirming the perfume as a major art medium. Sfumato Invisibile's approach was the subject of a short documentary that will be presented at the International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA) in 2020. 

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Far from the beaten path and inspired by her region, Alexandra prone a perfumery focused on the full freedom of creation of the perfumer as a true artist to favor a writing leaving room for slowness and authenticity. She is fully dedicated to perfecting this unique know-how by adding enthusiasm and creativity from here.

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