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Garden of scents

See you in summer 2022!

Garden of scents


Our 2021 Perfume Summer Festival at the GARDEN OF SENTEURS was a great success and ended in September. The Perfumer's Barn is now closed to the public. This is an annual event to put on your calendar for June 2022.
IMPORTANT: the online store is accessible year round.
Please note that it is also possible to come and pick up your scented packages by making an appointment during your web transaction and leaving us your complete coordinates.


Inaugurated in the summer of 2020, the Jardin de senteurs (Garden of scents), which required extensive plant restoration and invasive species management over three years, is a planted, wooded and immersive space adjacent to the House of Perfume, where the perfume artist welcomes you in an intimate way upon reservation. The garden received 4 certifications in 2020 at its inauguration:

- Oasis for butterflies and monarchs
- Oasis for birds
- Biodiversity and pollinating insects
- Nourishing garden

The proposed experience lasts about half an hour and more, the time allotted to escape through the different perfume proposed on smelling strips, like a fine tasting. You will be seated at a bistro table in the heart of the garden, to immerse yourself in the art of perfume. You are invited to live a beautiful discovery experience to find your favorite fragrances by smelling and exploring the unisex collection composed and elaborated at La Grange du Parfumeur.

Access the online store at all times.

♥ Here, the perfume sows escape and comfort!


La Grange du Parfumeur . Maison de Parfum


2019 I Omer Prize I Innovation & dev. touristic - Memphrémagog
2020 I Cantons-de-l'Est Partner Prize: M ta Region / milo.