đŸŒČ Scented news! đŸŒČ

With the holidays approaching, there's a whiff of holiday cheer in the workshop!

We're sharing with you what we've prepared for you...♄

Mumuration Médaillé Or, parfum naturel, parfum pour femme, parfum pour homme, parfum Montréal, Parfum québécois, Parfum huiles essentielles

A shiny piece of news...

The new MURMURATION won the Gold Medal " Top Artisan Fragrance of the year" at the USA Artisan Fragrance Salon Awards 2021!
Judges' comments: 
"The absolute favorite Murmuration by La Grange du Parfumeur."
"Murmuration by La Grange du Parfumeur: Deep, sophisticated, sweet, but not cloying, mood-elevating and invigorating! Great job!"
"Murmuration, a beautiful name for a perfectly blended fragrance I would wear 24/7."
PremiÚre violette, parfum pour femme, parfum naturel, parfum Montréal, La Grange du Parfumeur

PremiĂšre violette

The violet eau de toilette, delicately sweetened, is back...
Just in time for the holidays, I've handcrafted and bottled a new exclusive batch that's all about sweetness. Divine!

Parfum naturel, coffret trio, La Grange du PArfumeur, Parfum Montréal, Parfum québécois, Cadeaux local Memphrémagog, Cadeaux Memphrémagog

Trio box set

Sparkling gift idea...
A holiday🎄exclusive featuring a sparkling selection of three mixed scents:: ÉCORCE VERTE - MURMURATION (Gold winner) - AVANT MINUIT.
Because offering renewal and well-being through the fragrance collection is heartwarming!

"Here, perfume is a poetic sweetness that sublimates the passage of time and inspires well-being, awakens passion and sows moments of happiness in everyday life!"đŸŒ±

- Alexandra Bachand, artist perfumer and founder of the House

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