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"Through the white windows of the workshop-boutique, there is a formula book, a composition organ, a gray stone angel, a geranium stretching towards the sun, and a few dabs that a pretty cursive writing has taken care to name. There, bottles in rows and pipettes in bouquets; in a corner, a pale hydrangea head waits patiently for its round petals to dry next to oblong boxes signed Alexandra Bachand. "Everything begins with a dream".

-Isabelle Naessens, Henkel Média editor
The story

It all begins in 2010. Alexandra Bachand leaves Montreal with her husband and their little family. She returns to her roots. Visual and graphic artist, she is inspired by the countryside, flower gardens and especially smells. It is the crossroads to unfold a great dream. She embarked on the most ambitious professional project of her life: the creation of an independent perfume house in Quebec, whose workshop is open to the public. Over the years, she trained in the know-how of fine perfumery and perfume became her medium of artistic creation. It is in Europe that she learns the trade, in the tradition and according to the rules of the art.
"La Grange du Parfumeur: like in a Proust or Flaubert novel, the reminiscence of a bygone era, a cliché on a sepia background, time seems suspended. Yes, here time stands still," confides Alexandra, with the disarming charm of a Madame Bovary. In my studio, there is a clock that does not indicate the time. Visitors are transported by the invisible beauty of perfume and its evocation. She welcomes them near the horse at the entrance to the Garden of Scents, which she has created to showcase her art by creating an exhibition called "Parfums à ciel ouvert". In this month of August, the scent of wild blackberries, heady lilies and a romanticism that undoubtedly awakens the senses are floating around. Her husband Eric Delbaere, co-founder and also an artist, brings the olfactory experience to customers."

-Isabelle Naessens, Henkel Média editor
La Grange en quelques dates importantes

La Grange du Parfumeur officially opens its doors to the public after years of research, training, creation and preparation. A selection of the most beautiful natural and aromatic raw materials compose the perfumer's organ (a palette of 400 notes). Each perfume requires about 1 year of work in formulation before being manufactured, macerated in local grain alcohol and bottled on site with rigor in the laboratory of La Grange. 

The House's first fragrance, "Rêve à Paris", is now part of the prestigious archive collection of the International Perfume Conservatory in Versailles, France.

Alexandra's work as an olfactory artist and curator is represented in several international museum institutions. From 2017 to 2021, 10 artistic perfumes inspired by the correspondence between a father-soldier and his daughter during the First World War are presented in Quebec, Canada and France as part of the travelling exhibition War Flowers.

Invited to the Scent Summit organized by IAO in Amsterdam, Alexandra shares her creative process in olfactory art under the theme "The art of historical reconstruction of scents".

As part of the great celebrations of Leonardo da Vinci's 500th anniversary, Alexandra presents at Orford Musique, a striking and symbolic work: Sfumato Invisibile, or the invisible aura of Mona Lisa, an olfactory installation and a perfume paying tribute to Lisa Gherardini at the time she was painted in the master's studio. The short film illustrating the creative process of the work, was a finalist at the Florence Films Awards in Italy and is being presented in 2020 in many festivals.

The "Garden of Scents", an immersive, olfactory vegetal space presenting the collection in the open air is inaugurated. The place allows you to smell and experience the discovery of fragrances during an annual summer festival.

The perfume Murmuration, composed by Alexandra is launched on May 1, 2021, is medalist "Top Fragrance 2021" at the US Artisan Fragrance Salon Awards. It won the gold medals as : Best Aroma - Best Ingredient Combinations - Mastery of the Art of Fragrance - Best Fragrance Name.

Since the opening, more than 10,000 people have taken an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the perfume house.