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Sfumato Invisibile (EN)

Olfactory Art Installation / Mixed Materials / 2019
[From July 5 to August 15, 2019] / Presented at Orford Musique 
in the rotunda of Espace Yves-Trudeau
3165 Park Road, Orford (Quebec) J1X 7A2


Below: images taken from the short film that is part of the installation.

Festival Orford Musique 2019

And if it was possible to feel the invisible beauty of the Mona Lisa?  SFUMATO INVISIBILE is an olfactory art installation presented at the Orford Musique Academy as part of the 2019 Festival on the theme of Bella Italia in honor of the celebrations of the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci (1519-2019).

Artists : Alexandra Bachand (Art Installation creation & perfume composition) et Eric Delbaere (Film making & DOP)


The installation is presented on a 4 stages (panels) in reference to the close link that unites perfume and music and offers an olfactory immersion in the world of the beauty of the invisible through Italy, the arts and the Renaissance Italian.

SFUMATO INVISIBILE pays homage to the invisible beauty of Mona Lisa, the enigmatic woman who grew up in Florence whose portrait painted by Leonardo da Vinci is today one of the most famous in the world. Lisa Gherardini's aura is revealed in the installation of art to unveil an enigmatic, vaporous and amber fragrance, symbol of the timeless grace of the Mona Lisa and highlights the wealth of heritage left by the grand master.

And if it was possible to feel the invisible beauty of the Mona Lisa? 

In the footsteps of Mona Lisa, Alexandra Bachand, Quebec artist and perfumer, founder of the perfume house LA GRANGE DU PARFUMEUR in Magog on the Chemin des Pères, created a unique art installation "SFUMATO INVISIBILE" to unveil a perfume original, vaporous and amber, which will be available in limited edition numbered in partnership with Orford Music and presented during the festival of music and arts on the theme Bella Italia. The perfume echoes the timeless enigmatic grace that emerges from the portrait of Mona Lisa, painted in the sixteenth century by the great master, according to the pictorial technique of sfumato, from the "smoky" Italian that gives a vaporous appearance to the contours .

Inspired by the unparalleled elegance of iris pallida, the blue gold of the fine perfumery, Alexandra Bachand traveled to Italy to extract iris rhizomes from Sienna in order to compose in an authentic way with rare raw materials and unique from the Italian terroir.  The artist also winks with Quebec, which since 1999 has chosen its iris (versicolore) as its floral emblem. In order to feel fragments of the past associated with Leonardo da Vinci, she first goes to Vinci, to discover her native house, rich in history, surrounded by olive trees offering a spectacular horizon on a hilly and mountainous territory. In search of the essence of Lisa Gherardini, the woman behind the portrait titled The Mona Lisa, she went to tread the old cobblestones of Florence, cradle of the Renaissance. She discovers there the place of childhood of Lisa, then the district where she lived at a certain time with her family a few steps from the residence of Piero de Vinci, father of Leonardo. A short film (5 min.) Of this epic journey directed by Eric Delbaere, joins the installation.

SFUMATO INVISIBILE illustrates the evanescent aura of Lisa Gherardini framed under glass in a protected installation echoing the original painting exhibited at the Louvre. By presenting the preserved perfume under a glass bell, captured from the portrait, the installation highlights its value and suspends time, allowing us to question the importance of the beauty of the invisible.

If the essential is invisible to the eyes, the perfume transports us to the heart of what is most symbolic and what touches us most deeply. Sublimated by the olfaction, the fragments of the past become moments of the present that one could not imagine being able to live. SFUMATO INVISIBILE reveals the beauty of the arts, the soil, the history and the value of a woman, in an unsuspected way.

Olfactory art has the capacity to profoundly and authentically touch whoever explores it. Invisible, the perfume writes a poetic and immaterial narrative that touches without detours.