The perfumer


Alexandra Bachand, is the founder - perfumer of the Quebec perfume brands alexandrabach. And The Perfumer's Barn. In an enchanting place located in the Eastern Townships in Quebec, she formulates and manufactures all her creations in the respect of the Art of perfume.

Graduated from Fine Arts at Bishop's University, she is now a graduate of the Perfumery Art School in England (UK), with perfumer Isabelle Gelé (Gelé frères - PARIS). She is also a pupil of Nicolas De Barry, a chatelain and a French master perfumer, a pioneer of natural perfumery.

Far from the beaten track and inspired by its region, Alexandra is dedicated to perfecting French know-how by adding spontaneity, enthusiasm and creativity here. She immerses herself in her art by choosing to tell lyrical and colorful worlds with the concern to offer quality, attention and innovation in a brand new industry of niche perfumery in Quebec. 

Her creative approach also leads her to collaborate in art exhibitions as an olfactory artist.

All the raw materials are carefully chosen always by valorising the use of materials in their natural state. She develops each of her perfumes by hand, according to the rules of the Art of artisanal Perfumery, in the laboratory of The Perfumer's Barn with a rigor and a contagious passion.