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Perfume House in Quebec, Canada / La Grange du Parfumeur
Sunday to Wednesday: Closed
Thursday & Friday : 10 am to 5 pm
Saturday: 10 am to 4 pm

brings the art of perfume to life while visiting the premises. Signature fragrance house open to the public since 2017, located in the heart of a bucolic and inspiring nature between lakes and mountains. It was founded in 2015 by Alexandra Bachand and Eric Delbaere, partners in family life and business, both creators trained in Fine Arts.
They celebrate with daring, the artistry of scent, hand-made on site, in a ancestral way, with the most beautiful natural materials.

The Grange du Parfumeur is one of the few houses in the world to compose, produce and sell its perfumes in one place. The visit offers a unique olfactory experience and allows the discovery of the profession of perfumer (the organ (olfactorium), formulation office, laboratory) in the heart of this exquisite art.This unique know-how is the result of many years of work and training undertaken by Alexandra, the nose-composer of the House, whose career in olfactory art allows the exhibitions of her fragrances in museums. 

This artisanal house is a pioneer of niche perfumery in Canada and an original place dedicated to the creation of artistic scents. Its unique expertise, its geographical location and the projects it develops, make it a special address for discoveries. Thus deeply rooted in the Eastern Township’s history, art and culture, their  refurbished granary is now a landmark.

The place opens its doors to enthusiasts in search of authentic olfactory discoveries and exclusive perfumes, in order to inspire and sublimate the most important moments of everyday life!

Because here, the scent sow sparks of happiness.
Creators and Founders of the first Canadian Perfume House