NOSE #05 The Olfactive Magazine (EN)

NOSE #05 The Olfactive Magazine (EN)

Nose, the olfactive magazine - 05 - Natural and synthetic - April, 2018

The magazine NOSE suggests uniting sense of smell and perfume in the same approach: explore, decipher, explain through inquiries, reports, meetings, photos, illustration … 

The fifth number of Nose pursues its olfactive exploration, and takes us even farther beyond the borders, the pictures and the preconceived ideas on our sense of smell.

IN BRIEF in this number:

Natural and synthetic

Calone // insects // The bergamot orange // The campaign(countryside)
Michel Almairac // // Lyn Harris // Flavor(Perfume) of empire
Joris-Karl Huysmans // Percy Kemp
Marlene Staiger // Nicolas Julhès
London // The Belle Epoque // Light tobacco
The architects // The artificial intelligence