New Year ! And news...

The year takes off at La Grange with the desire to offer you something beautiful! 

I am currently finalizing the visual graphic of a redo of the web and printed graphic tools, wishing to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this great adventure in the most beautiful way...Yes already!


It was in 2014. I had been cherishing the dream for 3 years of creating a Perfume House in the countryside, a place where perfume would be celebrated as a major art, with authenticity and passion. I had some well-established ideas in mind, such as renovating an old barn that could be suitable for this project and regularly, I would travel the roads accompanied by my darling hoping to finally find a place that would enchant me. I took the paths less traveled in the hope of one day seeing this little nugget.

Very busy in my training as an apprentice perfumer, I had just completed some renovation work transforming a room in the house into a brand new laboratory.
As is often the case, it is when you no longer expect it that destiny rings the doorbell.

That morning of June 11, 2014, the weather was warm and bright. My father-in-law was celebrating his birthday. It was a great idea to honor this day for him by going for a drive on the Chemin des Pères which majestically overlooks Lake Memphremagog. This walk would allow us to admire the region, while being inspired by the winds that sweep this place, between the Orford and Owl's Head mountains.

My heart changed rhythm when I saw in front of 1245, a “for sale” sign. It was like one of those déjà vu moments, where suddenly things are familiar and it feels very moving.
Opening the door, I remember the strong impression of well-being that the entire landscape at this location had given me, caressed by the herbaceous smell of the meadow.

This place had been cherished before me and it seemed precious to me.

A fragrant story was writing its first notes. It would certainly be a story of the heart, linking creation and encounters. Time will teach me that it would also be a daring adventure, requiring rigor and patience in the work. And this is how La Grange du Parfumeur took off.

In perfumery, beauty is shaped slowly.
Today, I perceive these 10 years as an important rite of passage towards a deployment which I hope will please you in the most exciting way.

Over the coming months, I have some nice surprises in store for you, punctuated by the launch of a new eau de parfum in March, which will be added to the classic collection. This little new one is currently being bottled...I can't wait to introduce it to you. Then, last year, I carefully advanced the writing of a book which is accompanied by photographs. I look forward to revealing more about this soon. This exciting project will finally see the light of day this spring!

2024 promises to be flowery and velvety! ;)

With all my heart, I thank you for being there and thus enriching the essence of all these fragrant moments.



By Alexandra Bachand, artist & in-house perfumer and founder of La Grange du Parfumeur, a Niche Fragrance House in the Eastern Townships.