Installation — Memento Tourigny-Laforest House

Permanent art installation . Lobby . Innovation and Cies Magog (Québec)
The House / The lilac groves
3 olfactory art scent

by Alexandra Bachand
Visual artist and perfumer

In collaboration with the Magog History Society, the olfactory and digital art installation pays tribute to one of the first founding houses of the city of Magog, in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. A window open on its history and the families who inhabited it.  The installation is located in the entrance hall of the new technology complex, which sits on the site of the old house that has been demolished.

Alexandra Bachand, artist perfumer, immersed herself in the world of the house that belonged to the Tourigny-Laforest family, to highlight an olfactory triptych that illustrates the emotional, historical and geographical dimensions of the historic house, which was demolished to make way for a technological building. "I thought it was important to preserve the cultural memory of this ancestral home that has been able to weave a significant part of the history of the city, in many ways," says Alexandra.  Following my research, I first worked on the writing of 3 poems that would give me the line of composition of the olfactory component that I imagined to depict the House.

"To illustrate its exterior beauty, I imagined the lilac Grove fragrance, in reference to the shrubs that bordered and embellished it.Then, I worked on a scent emanating from the kitchen at the time of the receptions. La Maison's scent has an emotional aspect because it draws on the memories of those who lived in it, I wanted to restore, in a sense, its original essence through a singular perfume. a place adjacent to the house, resulting from the bustling flourishing economy of this textile city at the beginning of the century.The Quai de la Gare is an intriguing fragrance that plunges us into the economic history of the city in the last century and resonates perfectly with the family's involvement in his community. " - Alexandra Bachand
[poems paired with perfumes]

The station dock
At the sound of the whistle of the steam locomotive, the train leaves the quay of the station, leaving in its wake a happy reunion.

The House
A warm atmosphere prevailed during the preparations in the kitchen, adding to the effervescence of the guests in the living room.

The lilac groves
The wind of the lake is enveloped in the majestic scent of the purple lilacs, which stand proudly around.
In collaboration with The Magog History Society.
Design Installation: Andrew Chartier
Artist in olfactory art: Alexandra Bachand
Film: Eric Delbaere
Project Manager: Claire Garon

Olfactory art Installation / Magog, Quebec / perfume by Alexandra Bachand
Olfactory art Installation / Magog, Quebec / perfume by Alexandra Bachand Olfactory art Installation / Magog, Quebec / perfume by Alexandra Bachand Olfactory art Installation / Magog, Quebec / perfume by Alexandra Bachand