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"At dawn, a gentle half-veiled light reflects the immense beauty of a velvety jasmine flower."

Jasmin à l'aube

—  eau de parfum  —

I'm delighted to unveil to you this new soliflore fragrance that will be added to the classic collection.

In my book "Jardins de senteurs (trad. Garden of scents)" just published by Éditions de l'Homme, I've had the joy of sharing my passion for fragrant flowers. My deep attachment to their invisible beauty, diffused in the garden, inspired this creation embodying the intoxicating trail of white flowers that emit an incomparable scent at dusk under the flickering of little wavering fireflies.

Enchanted by these fragrances, I desired to immortalize a moment in the garden just as magical, while at dawn the poetry of this still awakening fragrance diffuses with finesse, adorned with a verdant elegance. The ephemeral beauty of the magnificent jasmine flower at daybreak is narrated in this composition that I cherished at every stage of creation, letting time suspend its course so that I could shape this perfume with authenticity. Three years have passed.

My joy is at its peak to finally reveal to you this refined eau de parfum, centered on a jasmine heart, then facetted with a subtly pear accord that I enhanced with a note of cardamom, giving it a luminous and pearled liveliness. Precious ambrette flower seeds with reputed aphrodisiac virtues bring an unparalleled velvety touch to the perfume.

"Sensuality and refinement embody this brand new creation."

The Jasmin à l'aube perfume was composed slowly, developed with passion and bottled with rigor in the La Grange workshop according to the rules of art of Haute Parfumerie.
By Alexandra Bachand, artist perfumer & founder
of La Grange du Parfumeur