Our values

Here, time stands still and leaves full creative freedom to the art of perfume, composed in the slow pace of the workshop.


Writing a perfume is an art form that requires the time necessary to draw its authenticity.
From the most beautiful intentions, the most beautiful creations are born.
What is handmade has the greatest value.
The most beautiful stories are written through the wake of a unique perfume...


  • A Fine Artisan Perfume House inspired by the arts
  • A workshop founded by an artist perfumer whose artistic medium is perfume
  • An ancestral barn in the countryside restored and revalorised
  • A Scented Garden certified botanical oasis for butterflies, hummingbirds and pollinating insects.
  • A multi-sensory host for scent enthusiasts


  • Recyclable packaging and compostable boxes.
  • 3 sizes of returnable glass bottles, to return on site.
  • Handcrafted perfume composed without coloring agents or additives
  • High quality ingredients, always favoring the use of natural materials if they are renewable.
  • A respect for the planet, by refusing the use of natural materials from fragile and endangered environments.
  • Compositions made with pure local grain alcohol.

La Grange enhances its agricultural land

Inaugurated in 2020, the [Garden of Scents], imagined and landscaped by the creator, is a flower garden of around 700 m2 which presents many perfumed plants and fragrant shrubs, including perennial species native and rustic to Quebec. The garden area required three years of transformation and development, including major work to restore plants and manage invasive species (including Japanese knotweed) and a dose of innovation to be done in an eco-responsible way. and natural. The garden proudly received 4 certifications at its inauguration:

- Oasis for butterflies and monarchs
- Oasis for birds & hummingbirds
- Biodiversity and pollinating insects
- Food garden for birds