Perfumes layering from the 1245 collection

The art of blending two or more fragrances is a technique that has been around for a long time. The layering of fragrances creates a truly unique scent.
Finding the perfect match is about letting your intuition and creativity flow by forming duos that harmonize when layered on the skin.
We can combine fragrances that are complementary or pair two eaux de toilette that share similar notes.
The 1245 collection is ideal for juxtaposition, knowing that the heavier fragrances should be sprayed first, forming a base for the second lighter fragrance to be added on top.

💚 Have fun experimenting, it's a fun exercise for the nose! Here are some suggestions...
Then share yours! @lagrangeduparfumeur

.....GREEN DUO.....

Ecorce verte + Valse bleue
Freshness duo! A bouquet of citrus and aromatics for lovers of fresh and green notes.

.....SUNNY DUO.....

Sous l'abricotier +  Ecorce verte
A sparkling summer duo! Creamy, vanilla notes of coconut combine with a green, woody breeze.

.....FLORAL DUO.....

Murmuration + Valse bleue
A duo in flight! Green, fruity, floral and spicy notes harmonize in a bright sillage.

.....WOODY DUO.....

Ecorce verte + La note Jazz
A duo much appreciated by fans of woody notes, faceted with rich and deep notes of patchouli.

.....DUO MUSQUÉ.....

Première violette + Ecorce verte
A delicate and slightly sweet duo. A velvet diptych to discover for lovers of musky fragrances.

.....AMBER DUO.....

La note Jazz +  Sous l'abricotier
A warm, round, amber and intoxicating duo! Very addictive for fans of vanilla fragrances.



.....CITRUS DUO.....

L'authentique + Ecorce verte
A sunny duo! A fresh green breeze illuminates this Mediterranean floral bouquet.


.....SPICY DUO.....

Valse bleue + La note Jazz

A very harmonious duo! The freshness of citrus sparkles on a warm and intoxicating composition.