Perfume Festival Summer 2022

DATES: July 6 to August 20, 2022 - 3rd edition

Opening in the summer of 2020, The Garden of Scents is an immersive, plant-based space adjacent to the Perfume House, where the artist perfumer and her husband, welcomes you in an intimate setting, by reservation, to take you on a fragrant experience through the collection.

Garden of scents

The garden space required three years of transformations, including major plant restoration and invasive species management, and a dose of innovation to be done in an eco-responsible and natural way. The garden proudly received 4 certifications at its inauguration:

  • Oasis for butterflies and monarchs
  • Oasis for birds
  • Biodiversity and pollinating insects
  • Nourishing garden

The proposed experience lasts about half an hour and more, the time allotted to escape through the different scents offered on the keys to smell, like a fine tasting. You will be seated at a bistro table in the heart of the garden, to immerse yourself in the art of perfume.

You are invited to live a beautiful discovery experience to find your favorite fragrances by smelling and exploring the collection.

Live a unique experience! ♥ Here, fragrance sows escape and comfort!

Alexandra & Eric