The Perfumer's Fragrant Garden

Jardin de Senteurs - Oasis parfumée de la parfumeur 

Find your favorite♥ scent during the Summer Perfume Festival at the Jardin de Senteurs 2024: July 3 to August 17.

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Bordering the Perfume House, the scent garden, an open-air olfactory gallery, has bloomed every summer since 2020. Designed and landscaped by the perfumer, it is certified as a botanical oasis for butterflies, hummingbirds and pollinating insects. The immersive garden highlights more than thirty fragrant botanical plants and fragrant flowers from which Alexandra draws inspiration. The Perfume festival allows you to smell and discover the poetry of La Grange du Parfumeur collection.

Nota bene. Outside the dates of the festival, you can discover the collection without reservation during the opening hours.

Welcome to all fragrance lovers who wish to explore the collection at the heart of a scented oasis!

Our Perfume Festival offers a scented experience of approximately 45 minutes allowing you to escape through the different perfumes of the unisex collection composed and developed in-house perfumer & founder. You are received in an intimate way - by reservation. This sensory exploration is an invitation to connect with your five senses and find a favorite perfume of La Grange du Parfumeur collection.

In the guestbook...

“Great visit this afternoon during the Perfumed Festival at La Grange du Parfumeur. A beautiful and unexpected discovery to enhance my last days of travel in Quebec. Discovering their fragrances in their unique "Jardin De Senteurs" is one of the most creative ideas. Everyone was super welcoming and I really enjoyed meeting and being able to chat with Alexandra herself and learn more about this world of fragrances.” - Y.Giroux

In the event of rain
The experience in the garden can continue under the tents.

Your reservation
We recommend a maximum of 5 people when making your reservation to allow you to enjoy an intimate and personalized smelling experience. If there are more of you, we recommend that you form a second table, knowing that the tables are however distanced.

Additional information

  • Ideally, do not wear perfume on the day of your visit, in order to take full advantage of the scented experience offered.
  • Your experience will take place outside, take the time to validate the temperature of the day, in order to feel comfortable at the Jardin de Senteurs.
  • If you have a particular condition that you wish to notify us of to make your experience more pleasant, please write to us at or contact us by phone or leave us a note when making your reservation.
  • The parking area is limited, it does not accommodate large RV or pickup truck type vehicles. We value carpooling by reservation. Parking at the  Tourist Information Office  may be convenient in this case.
  • The garden is reserved exclusively for the discovery of the perfume collection and unfortunately cannot be visited outside of this unique perfume experience.
  • The site cannot accommodate pets, so as not to disturb the natural habitat of small greyhounds around the Garden. Obviously, emotional assistance animals are allowed. Thank you for your understanding.
  • This experience is OFFERED by a passionate creator committed to an entirely handmade Artisan know-how. Thank you for encouraging creation from here.

The little story of the "Jardin de Senteurs"

In tribute to Fernand, grandfather of Alexandra, a former landscape gardener and tinsmith from North Hatley, the Jardin de Senteurs (Garden of scents), imagined and laid out by the creator, was inaugurated in the summer of 2020. The garden area required three years of transformations, including major work to restore plants and manage invasive species (including Japanese knotweed) and a dose of innovation to be done in an eco-responsible and natural way. The garden proudly received 4 certifications at its inauguration:

- Oasis for butterflies and monarchs
- Oasis for birds & hummingbirds
- Biodiversity and pollinating insects
- Food garden

♥ "Here, in the Garden, the perfume awakens."

La Grange du Parfumeur . Maison de Parfum
1245 Chemin des Pères, Magog, QC J1X 5R9


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