Exhibition — Rosamunde

ROSAMUNDE, Princess of Cyprus

Olfactory Art Installation

1 perfume, plaster and mixed materials

By Alexandra Bachand
Artist & perfumer

Rosamunde, princesse de Chypre


Exhibit Opening  
July 7, 2023, 5:00 p.m. - Gilles Lefebvre Concert Hall I Reservation : Orford Musique

Exhibited as part of the 2023 Orford Music Festival, the olfactory art installation Rosamunde is inspired by the poetic and theatrical universe of a musical work composed by Schubert. The artwork unveil itself to the public by stealthily letting a period perfume hover, imagined by perfumer Alexandra Bachand. [ OLFACTORY ART / ARTISTIC APPROACH OF THE ARTIST PERFUMER ]




Context —

In 1824, Franz Schubert (1797-1828) composed incidental music written for soprano, choir and orchestra, for the play Rosamunde, princess of Cyprus by the poet Helmina von Chézy. This great romantic drama in four acts tells the story of Rosamunde who is still a baby when her parents are murdered by a traitor aspiring to the throne. Raised in anonymity, it is by learning the truth years later that she decides to fight to regain her rightful place on the throne of Cyprus. A letter destined to poison her will trace the contours of her destiny, hanging on a golden thread...

The olfactory work unfolds through the bouquet of a headdress of perfumed feathers, emerging from a bust bearing the effigy of the princess. Its wake, deep and dark, is composed of green and smoky notes. This chiaroscuro effect is accentuated by oak moss, an emblematic woody note of “chypre” fragrances, recognized in perfumery for their richness. This “little mushroom” lichen note lends an intensity to the composition echoing the dramatic depth emerging from the work of Schubert, weakened at that time by illness. ROSAMUNDE, princess of Cyprus is an ode to the evanescent beauty of romantic music, which is felt far beyond the notes, and never fades...

 Schubert - Rosamunde



The olfactory art installation ROSAMUNDE, princess of Cyprus is presented in partnership with Orford Musique during the Schubert-themed summer 2023 music and arts festival.

Festival Orford Musique 2019
[ From June 14 to August 5, 2023 ]  / Orford Musique 
Espace Yves-Trudeau
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