Exhibition — Tribute to Italy, land of perfume

The perfume «Sfumato» was part of an exhibition paying tribute to Italy organized by The World Perfume Archive in Versailles, France.
«Tribute to Italy, land of perfume»
presented by L'Osmothèque.

Esxence 2023
[March 30 to April 2nd]
Milan - Italy

The Osmotheque has selected from its collections, perfumes which each in their own way reveal something of Italy and its special link with perfume. Take pleasure in immersing yourself in history to better project yourself into the future. Discover or rediscover essential creations or more confidential works. Travel through memories, emotions...
Smell, feel, and vibrate!



Sfumato perfume was presented in 2019 within the art installation SFUMATO INVISIBILE - What if it was possible to feel the aura of Mona Lisa? - created by Alexandra Bachand. The work was commissioned and exhibited at Orford Music during the summer festival on the theme of Italy, as part of the festivities surrounding the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci.

The SFUMATO perfume is now archived in the cellar of the Osmothèque - Le Conservation International des Parfums in Versailles, France.