Read about our green commitments in perfumery: HERE


  • A respect for the environment in our recyclable and compostable packaging. All our bottles are consigned, returnable in store.
  • The perfume composed without color additives and vegan.
  • High-quality ingredients, always emphasizing the use of natural materials if they are renewable.
  • A respect for the planet, by refusing the use of natural raw materials from fragile and endangered environments.
  • Compositions made of local grain alcohol.


1) Tips on the Scent Discovery Experience

Discover your perfume by first using a scent pad for the very first spray. The top, middle and bottom notes will be expressed in turn on the wipe. Let it transform quietly. Smell it at different intervals, which will allow you to discover each facet of the composition. If it appeals to you in the most beautiful way, then do a first test on your skin, by lightly spraying the inside of your wrist, without jewelry.

The feeling of the perfume on your skin will quickly tell you if the composition unfolds melodically on you.

Then, escape through the sillage of your perfume.

2) Tips for storing your perfumes

Store your bottles in the dark, preferably in a dry place, like the bedroom.

3) International regulation

La grange du parfumeur complies with the IFRA standards regarding the respect of the dosage of raw materials. Some people may be allergic to certain ingredients, usually of natural origin. If you have allergic tendencies, it would be wise to use moderately or stop using perfumed products.

You have access to all the details of the ingredients of each perfume, in the product info.